The Education Data, Research and Evaluation in Nigeria initiative (EDOREN) is a four year initiative funded by the United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID).  It is designed to generate new evidence and understanding of how best to support equitable access and improved learning outcomes for all Nigerian children through innovation and the sustainable development of basic education systems.

Latest EDOREN Publications

Education data in Nigerian national household survey data: Review of survey reports and evidence from microdata

This report examines published results, metadata, and microdatasets from recent surveys and administrative data collections covering education indicators in Nigeria. It aims to determine: whether published estimates of key indicators are comparable whether it is possible to improve the comparability of indicators from microdata analysis, and whether they show any statistically significant changes over time, especially at state level … Read more

Education data from Nigerian Household Surveys – Research Summary 01

This Research Summary outlines the approach, findings and recommendations of a review of education data collected from national household surveys in Nigeria. The review assessed the comparability of published survey data and the extent to which it can be used to draw inferences about changes in educational outcomes at the state and national level over … Read more

Review of the literature on basic education in Nigeria: Issues of access, quality, equity and impact

This literature review examines the findings of empirical studies from between 2000 and 2013 that relate to factors affecting educational access, quality, equity and impact in basic education. It also considers related grey literature and policy documents. Most of the literature refers to public primary education, predominantly in northern Nigeria, with an emphasis on girls’ education since this … Read more

Latest EDOREN blogs

Home-grown initiatives for local challenges on gender inequality in basic education in Nigeria

By Chidi Ezegwu, Research Officer, EDOREN Nigeria and the Global effort for equality in basic education Across the world, there is an ongoing effort to provide an unfettered access to free and quality education for every child. UNICEF (2014) asserts that “Universal access to quality education is not a privilege – it is a basic … Read more

Improving teachers: evaluating the TDP

By Ian MacAuslan, EDOREN Workstreams 1 and 5 Leader In the four year education sector strategic plan of 2012, the Federal Ministry of Education writes that “the education system is only as good as the quality of its teachers.” Nigeria suffers an acute shortage of qualified teachers, particularly in the north. Many currently employed teachers … Read more

Making private education in Lagos work: evaluating DEEPEN

By Ian MacAuslan, EDOREN Workstreams 1 and 5 Leader The role of the private sector in providing education in Nigeria cannot be ignored: in Lagos, a city of 20 million, nearly three in four school-going primary children are in private school. And this is not limited to the rich: three in five school-going children from … Read more